Spode Blue Italian Teapot


Spode 1770 – Copeland 1847 – Spode 1970 – 2023

Iconic Blue Italian design Tableware – Launched by Josiah Spode II in 1816. With its rich cobalt colours and classic rural scene, Spode’s Blue Italian print is the epitome of blue and white porcelain. The design was launched more than 200 years ago to immediate popularity, and it remains a bestseller to this day. 

A traditional teapot from the Blue Italian collection by Spode.
  • Capacity – 1.1L
  • Dimensions – H15.5 x W26 x D14cm
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Number of cups – 4 Cups

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Josiah Spode was the great Pioneer among the Georgian potters in England, circa year 1800 he perfected the bone china recipe that has been used by everyone ever since, and he was also the leading potter behind the technique of transfer ware, making it possible for English potters to replace the Chinese export china, which had come to an end around that time, with their own. This was fundamental to a thriving industry that would last for about 150 years and provide half the world with their tableware.

W. T. Copeland (c.1847-1970)


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