Rosenthal Sanssouci Ivory Teapot Set


Rosenthal Sanssouci – When Frederick the Great had his new castle Sanssouci built in Potsdam, he also ordered a special table setting for it. The relief of the porcelain service Sanssouci with its delicate trellis structure therefore resembles the Rococo stucco ceiling of the “Great Hall” in the castle of the same name. This “royal” service was manufactured by the royal porcelain manufacture (KPM) in Berlin from 1763-65. The service Sanssouci enjoyed great popularity and was copied by several manufacturers. Rosenthal was the only one to acquire the licence from KPM to produce this service true to the original. Apart from the transparent, white glazed variant, Rosenthal also offers the much rarer ivory glaze.

This Sanssouci Ivory Tea Set with green floral decoration was made at the Selb factory in Bavaria, Germany circa 1936. 

  • Rosenthal Sanssouci Ivory Teapot 12 persons 1.25 L
  • Rosenthal Sanssouci Ivory Creamer for 6 persons,0.19 l
  • Rosenthal Sanssouci Ivory Sugar bowl 0.26 L

Pristine condition – never used.


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Rosenthal is a German manufacturer of porcelain products originally founded in 1879 in Selb, Bavaria. 

Histories of German Porcelain

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