Shelley Blue Rock Jug / Bowl


Rare 1950s tea set from the Shelley China company in the “Blue Rock” pattern 13546. Blue hand coloured flowers on green stems decorate pure white china, the cup with blue handle and gilded scalloped rims. 

Cambridge shape …..

Jug 9 cms high x 14 cms lip to handle

Bowl 6.5 cm high x 11.5 cm diameter

Excellent condition, no damage.

Out of stock


The collector societies for Shelley china are worldwide, from it’s 1827 inception to the close of the pottery in 1966 it’s china has been a firm favourite in homes. Based in Staffordshire, the pottery crafted thin translucent, yet strong china items in thousands of different patterns, noted by number and sometimes by name.

Shelley Collectors Club

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