Botanic Garden Teapot


Susan Williams-Ellis futuristic designs put Portmeirion on the map. Made in the Staffordshire pottery the Botanic Garden range of oven to tableware have an everlasting popularity mostly due to the high quality ware and beautiful english garden designs. The teapots are an unusual bulbous shape which sit on a circular foot keeping the heat off the table. The handle is good to hold and never hot, and it has a spout that pours well. This pot has been decorated with the wild woodland flower Cyclamen, butterflies and red ladybirds.

Teapot 2/3 cups- 1 pint

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Susan Williams-Ellis (1918 – 2007) was an English-Welsh pottery designer, who was best known for co-founding Portmeirion Pottery. She studied ceramics with Bernard and David Leach at Dartington and studied under Henry Moore during the 1940s at Chelsea School of Art. In 1960 she transformed two broken-down potteries in Stoke-on-Trent into one of the country’s most affluent pottery companies, Portmeirion Pottery.

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