Cobalt Blue Ivy Trio


Samuel Alcock (1822-1859 Staffordshire England) was one of our most prominent 19th century potters and his rare fine china wares are sought after by collectors worldwide.

A rare 1840s Trio consisting of a teacup, coffee cup and saucer made by Samuel Alcock at the famous Hill Pottery in Burslem. The cup and saucer are beautifully hand decorated with a cobalt blue Ivy leaf pattern, all veins gilded, on a cream ground.. The cups and saucer have decorative moulded rims and ornate handles, all gilded.  And did you know that moulded rims on teacups help your lips taste the tea better?

Alcock bone-china is of good quality , well potted and often very richly decorated. In 1833 the factory employed more than 400 people and their 20 kilns equalled those in use by Minton. Most of Alcock’s useful porcelains of 1830-40 are unmarked that is why the firm is so little known. 

Tea / Coffee Trio pattern # 1057

1 teacup – 8 cm diameter x 7 cm high

1 Coffee cup – 7 cm diameter x 6.7 cm high

1 Saucer – 14.7 cm diameter

Excellent condition, no damage, some micro crazing on back of saucer, normal wear.

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Samuel Alcock 19th century Staffordshire Pottery

The Alcock firm deserves more than passing mention in any discussion of English ceramic developments of the nineteenth century. The quantity and quality of the designs which represent its endeavours leave the decided impression that Samuel Alcock will stand forth with increasing prominence among the potters of his day.


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