John Yates Regency Jug


This beautiful tea set was made by Yates in about 1825 which is known as the Regency period.

Now highly collectable this beautiful tea set is a fine example of it’s decadent era. Hand potted from early white porcelain and made in a fluted shape with Old English handles, each piece has been hand painted with floral sprays in bright enamels with a wide cobalt blue band and garlands of gilded vines. 

This gorgeous milk jug from the tea set stands 10 cm high by 15 cm lip to handle.

Fabulous quality, may have slight rubbing to the gilding.

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The Yates factory was operative between 1784 and 1836 and was mostly based in Shelton, Staffordshire. It worked alongside other more famous potters such as Minton, Spode, Coalport and Ridgway, and produced both earthenwares and porcelain.

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