Wileman ‘Foley’ Shape Quartet


An extremely rare antique tea set made at the Wileman factory in Foley Staffordshire. The set, comprising of a large cake plate and tea trio, is decorated with sprays of wild flowers – pattern number 6744 – and has been heavily gilded with a powder effect. The whole set has been made in the Foley shape, only produced at the factory between the dates 1894 – 1910.

The Shelley story begins about 1860 when the Wileman family, owners of the Foley pottery between Longton and Fenton in Staffordshire, built a second pottery for the purpose of producing fine china. From 1882-1935 Wileman and Shelley made beautifully ornate china wares.

This rare set consists of a …..

Large cake plate – 23.5 cm across

Tea / Coffee Cup – 6.7 cm x 7.7 cm diameter 

Saucer – 14 cm diameter

Tea Plate – 18 cm

Excellent condition, 130 years old and very little sign of use if any.                                                                

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Shelley and Wileman Backstamps


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